Hong Seafood receives Plaque of Commendation on MayDay Award 2018

Hong Seafood is honoured to be one of the five U SME partners receiving award at the May Day 2018 Awards.

Hong Seafood (Plaque of Commendation)

Hong Seafood is a strong believer in creating a culture of growth within its company. They recognise their staff’s hard work and dedication. They empower their team to reach for higher goals and actively invest in their development to facilitate progress, catering to their passions and aspirations at the workplace. A family-owned business and founded in 1986, Hong Seafood has always had a focus on building a Singaporean core by recruiting mainly locals and permanent residents. The company is also gradually enhancing its human capital framework to incorporate more benefits and practices as part of their long-term strategy to attract and retain workers.”

Source: MayDay Award 2018